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Road conditions:

Aspendell Weather:

Aspendell snow removal information:

The Inyo County Road Department has posted guidelines for snow removal in Aspendell. The guidelines state that snow removal will "occur during daylight hours only and after a minimum of three inches of snow has accumulated on the county roadway. Three inches on a deck or in a yard does not mean that there is three inches on the roadway. Snow may not build up as rapidly on the black pavement...If the Road Department determines that more than two feet of snow has fallen during any one shift in mountainous areas, snow removal operations will be suspended until after the storm has passed. In addition, when conditions become so severe that Road Crews cannot keep up with falling snow and the threat of avalanches becomes likely, Road Crews may leave the area until such time as it is safe to resume snow removal operations."

Depending on snowfall amount and location, access, safety, and available resources, Aspendell roads may not be prioritized for snow removal in some cases. Keep vehicles, equipment and landscaping/construction materials off of the streets during snow removal months (generally November through April or May).

Avalanche information:




Sign up for CodeRED public safety alerts:

CodeRED is an emergency alert system for location-based public safety alerts (e.g. natural disasters, fires, dangerous environmental conditions, etc.). From the Inyo County Sheriff's Department: "CodeRED IS THE NUMBER ONE MECHANISM FOR INFORMING YOU DURING A LOCAL EMERGENCY OR DISASTER. CodeRED is an opt-in, high-speed notification solution that quickly delivers emergency messages to targeted areas or the entire county. Because the notifications are geographically based, a street address is required to ensure emergency notification calls are received by the proper individuals in a given situation." Download the CodeRED Mobile Alert App and/or create a CodeRED account.

Information from the Inyo County Office of Emergency Services:

  • If you or someone in your household may need special assistance in case of an emergency ("physical, medical, mobility, or other conditions that would require special assistance during a disaster, evacuation, or other community emergency"), consider completing and returning this voluntary registration form.

  • The Inyo County Office of Emergency Services "Emergency Operations Plan" can be seen in full here.

  • For earthquake safety information, with resources specific to Inyo & Mono counties, click here.

  • For tips on emergency preparedness, follow these Emergency Planning steps.

Prepare for Public Safety Power Shutoffs:

  • From "In order to keep communities safe, your local energy company may need to turn off power during extreme weather or wildfire conditions. This is called a Public Safety Power Shutoff." Visit the site to sign up for alerts from your provider, to learn about ways to prepare for power shutoffs, and for additional information. To receive power outage alerts from Southern California Edison, visit their PSPS site or call 1-(800)-655-4555 and select "Trouble Order."

  • Read more about Public Safety Power Shutoffs in this one-page summary and these FAQs from SCE

  • For information on weather-related power outages from SCE, click here

Follow Bishop CHP and Inyo County Sheriff's Office on social media:

General emergency preparedness information:

  • Visit for planning & response information in case of natural disasters & other emergencies

  • To download the Inyo County/City of Bishop "Multi-jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan," click here

  • Be ready! Some emergency equipment to consider: Non-electric landline phone; battery-powered lights; ways to keep mediciation chilled if necessary; alternative power source for medical equipment (e.g. CPAP machine, oxygen generator); plans for garage door opening, cooking, water heating, and home heating if appliances are electric, etc.

Aspendell South Fork Volunteer Fire Department:

We are extremely lucky to have an active volunteer fire department in the canyon, which is supported by community donations. ASFVFD services are rendered without regard to the origin of the contributions received. Membership is voluntary and supporting membership fees are not a consideration for services provided. The ASFVFD service statement is posted here. For more information please visit the ASFVFD website.



To receive community email updates and newsletters from the APOA, send an email to

Join Nextdoor for Aspendell to read, share and respond to updates & questions from neighbors in the community.


Saturday August 3rd, 2019: Aspendell South Fork Volunteer Fire Department fundraiser

  • Where: The fire house, 117 Columbine Drive, Aspendell

  • Time: NOON until it's gone!

  • Click on the BBQ flyer below to download:

  • asfvfd_bbq

Saturday August 24th, 2019: Adopt-a-Highway Clean-Up (CalTrans sponsored)

  • For planning purposes, please email Scott ahead of time ( if you plan to participate in the Highway 168 clean-up!

  • Meet at Scott & Lisa McKenzie's house, 152 Iris Drive, Aspendell at 8am on Saturday 8/24 for gear and assignments

  • Work will be divided based on number of volunteers


  • 7/16/2019 - APOA meeting agenda: Click here to download the agenda for the July 2019 APOA meeting.

  • 7/16/2019 - Moth update: Still only a few each night!

  • 7/11/2019 - Bear update: The bear broke into a dumpster on Columbine Drive this week. Keep food & garbage secure!

  • 6/26/2019 - Sandbags: With high Bishop Creek levels, and more runoff expected, creekside cabin owners may want sandbags for property protection. The APOA is currently in communication with the Inyo County Office of Emergeny Services to have sand delivered. More information coming soon.

  • 6/25/2019 - Fuels reduction program: The current program the current USFS program is the Fuels Reduction Project. A Forest Service contractor will be removing trees and brush from forest service land in the Aspendell area during summer 2019 and perhaps next year depending on the progress.

  • 6/25/2019 - New well and water line update: Coming soon.



Where in the world is Aspendell?

Aspendell (elev. 8400') is a small unincorporated community located 14 miles southwest of Bishop, CA in the Eastern Sierra Nevada mountains. For a brief summary of Aspendell's history (from the old APOA Welcome Packet), click here.

Who should I contact in case of an emergency in or near Aspendell?

In case of emergency, DIAL 9-1-1. Dispatchers will contact the appropriate agencies.

How can I get emergency notifications for the Aspendell area?

There are multiple ways to stay updated on situations in the Aspendell area:

How can I get community updates (non-emergency) for the Aspendell area?

  • To receive updates and newsletters from the APOA (not emergency notifications), send an email to

  • Join Nextdoor ("The private social network for your neighborhood") for Aspendell to read, share and respond to updates & questions from neighbors in the community! Click here to sign up by entering your Aspendell street address.

What does the loud siren mean?

The Aspendell South Fork Volunteer Fire Department's siren is tested daily at noon (12 pm). Please visit the ASFVFD website for information about what to do if you hear a non-testing siren.

Are Aspendell roads plowed in the winter?

The Inyo County Road Department has posted policies for snow removal in Aspendell. The general policy states that snow removal will "occur during daylight hours only and after a minimum of three inches of snow has accumulated on the county roadway. Three inches on a deck or in a yard does not mean that there is three inches on the roadway. Snow may not build up as rapidly on the black pavement." Depending on snowfall location, access, safety, and available resources, residential streets in Aspendell may not be prioritized for snow removal in some cases.

If my driveway is snowed-in, can I park on Aspendell roads during the winter?

No. Keep vehicles, equipment and landscaping feature off the streets during snow removal months (generally November through April or May).

Can I rent out my home in Aspendell?

Click here for information about the Inyo County Planning Department's Short-Term Rental Ordinance.

How do I get an Aspendell mailbox?

Mailboxes are associated with parcels, not property owners, and cannot be transferred once assigned. There are currently no remaining available mailboxes in Aspendell, so you may want to consider a P.O. Box at the Bishop Post Office.

Does Aspendell have a home owners association?

No. There is no Aspendell HOA. The Aspendell Property Owners Association (APOA) is a group of volunteers who organize community events, facilitate services and disseminate information to the community. There are no dues to be a member of the APOA - if you own property in Aspendell, you are automatically a member!

Is there cell phone coverage in Aspendell?

Short answer: no. The occasional text message will get through (depending on weather, wind, fairy dust, planetary alignment, etc.) -- but plan on no cell reception up here. Make communication plans accordingly.

Can homeowners get wireless internet service?

Yes. Relatively high-speed and reliable internet (fast enough for streaming, conference calls, etc.) is available through Schat Communication. You may also want to check with Frontier Communications, or HughesNet for satellite internet service.

Do I need to worry about bears?

Yes. Black bears are frequently seen in and around Aspendell. Remove food and scented items from cars and dispose of waste in bear-safe dumpsters. Help keep bears, people, and property safe by acting responsibly in bear country. See bear-aware suggestions from the California Department of Fish and Game.

How do I get a dumpster?

Contact Bishop Waste or Preferred Disposal for dumpster delivery/pick-up and waste services.

What should I do if I find sick or injured wildlife?

Contact Wildcare Eastern Sierra and follow their suggestions for what to do if you find a wild animal that needs help.

Where can I buy food & goods around Aspendell?

There are several businesses in Bishop Creek Canyon where you can get food and basic goods, including Cardinal Village Resort in Aspendell. See the links to other local businesses here. Keep in mind that services are limited and business hours may change depending on the season, so you may want to check or call beforehand.

Is there a gas station in Aspendell?

No. The closest gas station is 14.5 miles down Highway 168 at Manor Market in Bishop.

What's the deal with all the summer moths?

Miller moths pass through Aspendell in summer months (June/July), with numbers and duration depending on environmental conditions. Links for more information are provided below:

Where can I fish in Bishop Creek Canyon, and what are the regulations?

Fishing season in Bishop Creek Canyon starts...A California fishing license is required for all fisherpeople age 16 years or older, and can be purchased in Aspendell at Cardinal Village Resort or...More information about fishing in the area is provided below:

Why am I a baking failure up here?

Due to lower atmospheric pressure at higher altitude, water boils at a lower temperature and evaporation increases. This causes leavening agents (baking powder, yeast, etc.) to expand too quickly, which makes baked goods rapidly rise, then collapse. If your cakes and cookies look deflated, see below for some high-altitude baking recipes and tips:

Where can I camp in Bishop Creek Canyon?

Camping is allowed in designated sites in Bishop Creek Canyon. Luckily, there are many! See the link below for more information:




Bishop Police Department: (760) 873-5866

California Highway Patrol: (760) 872-5900

Inyo Sheriff's Department (Bishop substation): (760) 873-7887

Northern Inyo Hospital - Bishop: (760) 873-5811

Inyo County Offices: (760) 873-8481

Bishop Post Office: (760) 873-3526


Philip DeSenze - White Mountain District Ranger (USFS)

Phone: (760) 873-2515


Kelley Williams - Director, Inyo County Emergency Management Services


Address: Inyo County Administration, 136-A South Jackson St., P.O. Drawer N, Independence, CA 93526

Chris Cash - Inyo County Assistant Public Works Director & Road Superintendent

Phone: (760) 878-0201


Address: County of Inyo, P.O. Drawer Q, Independence, CA. 93526

Heather Stone - Interagency Vegetation Management Team Leader (BLM/Inyo National Forest Fuel Reduction Program)

Contact information coming soon.


Address: 111 Columbine, Bishop 93514



Address: 117 Columbine Drive, Bishop, CA 93514

APOA email:

President: Jan Almquist, (760) 920-0448, email:

Vice President: Marilyn Bruner, (760) 873-8748

Treasurer: Shelley Thompson

Secretary: Julie Montoya, email:

Website: Allison Horst, email:


Address: 117A Columbine Drive, Bishop, CA 93514

Emergency contact: Ken Kuencer (760) 872-3271


Address: 138 Alpine Drive, Bishop, CA 93514


Website: Wildcare Eastern Sierra

Phone: (760) 872-1487


In / Near Aspendell:

Cardinal Village Resort: cafe & general store, cabins for rent, gifts, souvenirs, fishing licenses

Lake Sabrina Boat Landing and Cafe: cafe, snacks, merchandise, kayak rentals

Bishop Pack Outfitters: horseback trail rides, photography trips, camping, hiking, fly fishing trips

South Fork Bishop Creek Canyon:

Parcher's Resort: cabin rentals, general store, cafe

Bishop Creek Lodge: cabin rentals, restaurant, bar, snacks

Rainbow Pack Outfitters: trail rides, fishing trips, pack trips


Frontier Telephone Repair Service: (800) 921-8101

Schat Communication: (760) 873-4377

Southern California Edison Emergency Service & Information: (800) 655-4555

US Forest Service White Mountain District (Bishop Office): (760) 873-2500

Aspendell Property Owners Association
117 Columbine Drive, Bishop, CA 93514

The Aspendell Property Owners Association is a federally tax-exempt organization under IRS code 501(c)(4). The APOA is not an IRS charitable organization, and donations to the APOA are not tax-deductible.

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