*** Below is dated historical information concerning the former Aspendell Volunteer Fire Department and Alpine Firefighters Fire Fighting Club. ***

Following a community wide planning process, a successor orgaization was formed that encompasses all of Aspendell and the neighboring South Fork communities. Information regarding this planning process is posted at: www.aspendell.org/volunteer-fire-dept-research.htm and information about the new successor Aspendell South Fork Volunteer Fire Department is posted at: www.asfvfd.org


Aspendell Community Fire suppression organization, training and prevention information:

**(Webmaster note: again the information below is historical information - see the above links for current information about the successor organization formation and our community's fire protection status)**

There are two(2) different fire protection areas and organizations in the Aspendell area. At present, each has its own service area, equipment, ISO rating and volunteers.

The Aspendell Volunteer Fire Department is part of the incorporated Aspendell Mutual Water Company (AMWC) and serves Tracts 1 & 3, Cardinal Villiage, the Jordan Subdivision, the Sierra Summit culdesac and 2 Forest Service properties on Cardinal Road (see map and applicable ISO ratings).

The Aspendell Fire Fighting Club is a group of volunteers that serves the Tract 2 neighborhood (served by the Alpine Water Company) which includes Sumac Drive, Manzanita Rd.and Alpine Drive except for the parcels at 106 and 118 Alpine which are part of the AMWC tract 3 (see map). Geographical areas and organizations that have not been assessed by ISO are assigned an ISO rating of "10."

Both fire service areas are well outside the Bishop Volunteer Fire Department service area (approximately 17 miles away) although on occasion Bishop VFD might respond to an aid request when they do not otherwise need to stay within their own service area to protect property within their own district. The California Division of Forestry (CDF) and the Inyo National Forest also on occasion respond to fires in the Aspendell area and have seasonal facilites approximately 17 miles away in Bishop. These agencies also respond to some local events but only when they have resources availble as they also service many parts of Inyo National Forest, the Eastern Sierra and other parts of California and western US.

Regardless of the area involved, for all emergency calls, dial 911.

Aspendell Volunteer Fire Department (AVFD)

AVFD Aspendell Tract 1 & 3 Hydrant Map

AVFD - Aspendell Tract 1 & 3 Volunteer Fire Department training information

AVFD - ISO PPC Community Rating Listing


ISO Public Protection Classification (PPC) Program

ISO Public Protection Classification Program Information

Items Considered in the Fire Suppression Rating Schedule (FSRS)

ISO Minimum Criteria for Class 8 or Better

ISO - Minimum Training and Number of Volunteers Required:

"The fire department must conduct training for active members, at least two hours every two months."

"The department must have sufficient membership to assure the response of at least four members to structure fires. The chief may be one of the responding members."

California Vehicle Code §12804.11 Firefighter Endorsement

Aspendell Fire Fighting Club

Aspendell Tract 2 Fire Hydrant Map

Aspendell Fire Fighting Club web site and training information

Other fire safety self-help related information:

Barricade product information and instructional videos

Inyo National Forest Fire Prevention Information