Aspendell Volunteer Fire Department

The Aspendell Fire Volunteer Department (AVFD) is part of the Aspendell Mutual Water Company (AMWC). Beside providing fire protection to the AMWC service area, the AVFD also serves (by contract) Cardinal Village, Sierra Summit and other contiguous parcels. At this time AVFD does not serve Tract 2 (nor do the AVFD ISO ratings apply there) but it is hoped that at some point in the near future an appropriate Tract 2 neighborhood organization and contract representative can be formed in order to enter into a contract to extend fire protection to that neighborhood as well.

The AVFD is located at 117 Columbine Rd. The Fire Chief is Mr. Ken Kuencer who lives at 140 Iris Drive. His telephone number is 760-872-3271.

The AVFD has 3 fire engines including:

The all weather heated firehouse is well equipped with ISO (Insurance Services Office) specified fire fighting gear and equipment. All equipment and hoses are tested annually. Volunteers are activated by use of a siren activated by the 911 dispatch center. The siren is tested daily at 12:00 noon.

Significant insurance premium savings are available to those parcels (only) within the AVFD service area. All other areas outside the AVFD service area are rated "10" by ISO (no fire protection rating). Please see the AVFD service area map for the ISO ratings of the different parts of AVFD service area.

AVFD training is scheduled 3 times a year (Spring, Summer and Fall and at other times when scheduled by appointment with the Fire Chief. Year round individualized training for new volunteers and those needing a refresher lesson is encouraged by Chief Kuencer. Additional training for part time residents is also now available online "24/7" through online video instruction. Please see the links to these video clips below. Also, the Bishop Volunteer Fire Department has graciously offered interested Aspendell volunteers to attend their weekly training. For more information please call Ken Kuencer or email the webmaster at

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